Eden Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine balances the subtle energies of the body to keep us healthy and vital.  Energy Medicine has strategies that sense and correct energy imbalances by stimulating specific “energy points” to harmonize the body’s energy fields by tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting, or connecting this points.  The hands can be used to align the body’s energies by tracing specific energy pathways along the skin.  The use of postures and movements are other noninvasive ways to benefit the body’s energy system.
Energy Medicine includes methods that can be utilized at home, self-help basis, allowing more effective self-care while also fostering a more creative client –practitioner partnership in the healing process.  The low-tech Energy Medicine procedures are not only readily available; they are also preventive and cost effective. Energy Medicine affects your entire body, and your energy “blueprint”, rather than focus only on body parts.
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